Cirrus Aircraft adds second FAA-certified Vision Jet simulator

Cirrus Aircraft has unveiled a second FAA-certified Level D full-flight Vision Jet simulator at the Cirrus Aircraft Vision Center in Knoxville, Tenn.

This addition bolsters the company’s capabilities with regards to the provision of training resources for aircraft owners, including initial type-ratings and recurrent training.

The Vision Jet

Cirrus Aircraft’s Vision Jet, the world’s first single-engine personal jet, has firmly maintained its status as the best-selling jet for the past five years.

Boasting a luxurious and spacious interior, advanced safety systems like the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) and Safe Return™ Emergency Autoland, a user-friendly flight deck, and impressive regional flight capability, the Vision Jet has garnered a dedicated following.

With over 500 Vision Jets in the market and more than 1,055 people type-rated, its popularity speaks volumes.

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Training Infrastructure

Todd Simmons, the President of Customer Experience at Cirrus Aircraft, emphasized the company’s dedication to providing world-class flight training.

He stated, “Cirrus Aircraft is dedicated to providing world-class flight training, and we are continually investing in the Vision Center campus to expand our capacity and offer ultramodern training resources.”

Cirrus Aircraft, a global leader in personal aviation, now harnesses the power of two FAA-certified Level D full-flight simulators, complemented by two FAA-qualified Level 6 fixed-based training devices and multiple avionics trainers.

This formidable array of training tools is instrumental in providing comprehensive Vision Jet training and showcasing intricate aircraft systems such as CAPS.

Photo Credits: Cirrus Aircraft

The Vision Center Campus

What started as a Factory Service Center in 2016 has evolved into a multifaceted Vision Center campus.

Now featuring an Experience Center, Delivery Center, Flight Training Center, additional Factory Service Center, and a Flight Center/Hangar Complex, the campus stands as a testament to Cirrus Aircraft’s innovation and customer service.

The Vision Center doesn’t just cater to jet enthusiasts. It also offers training for Cirrus Aircraft’s best-selling, high-performance, single-piston SR Series aircraft.

Remarkably, the SR Series accounts for 32% of single-engine piston aircraft deliveries worldwide and an impressive 77% of the high-performance single-engine piston market deliveries.

Cirrus Approach™: A Winning Formula

Central to Cirrus Aircraft’s training program is the award-winning Cirrus Approach™. This comprehensive initiative ensures that all Vision Jet and SR Series training is conducted under the guidance of a dedicated Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP).

Paired with individual training aircraft and a diverse catalog of instructional video courses, Cirrus Approach™ is a winning formula for pilot education.


Beyond the Vision Center in Knoxville, Cirrus Aircraft extends its training reach with three Cirrus Flight Training locations in Scottsdale, Arizona; McKinney, Texas; and Orlando, Florida.

Additionally, boasting over 100 Cirrus Training Center partners worldwide, the company ensures that its commitment to excellence transcends geographical boundaries.

While the Vision Center in Knoxville offers top-tier training and support, it also holds the exclusive distinction of being the only location offering Vision Jet type ratings.

This unique feature further cements the Vision Center’s status as a hub for premium aviation training.

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