2023 Highlights: Prigozhin Private Jet Crashes in Moscow

Another big story from 2023 was when the private jet with Yevgeny Prigozhin onboard crashed near Moscow earlier this year.

2023 Highlights: Prigozhin Private Jet Crashes in Moscow…

Seven passengers and three were onboard what is believed to be an Embraer aircraft flying between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

It is unknown whether Prigozhin actually boarded the plane or not.

Photo Credit: UZBEKSPOTTER via Planespotters.net.

It is understood that the aircraft that crashed was RA-02795, an Embraer ERJ135BJ Legacy 600.

As per data from Planespotters.net, the aircraft started out life with Linxair as S5-ABL back in October 2007. From there, it was handed over to International Jet Management in September 2015 as OE-IFF.

From there in 2017, it was handed over to MNG jet as TC-VSR, before being sent over to Autolex Transport in November 2018 as M-SAAN.

It wasn’t until September 2020 when the jet was handed over to the Wagner Group, an aircraft that Prigozhin frequents.

As per @sentdefender on Twitter, Prigozhin was last seen in the West African Nation of Mali a few days ago. Again, his whereabouts are yet to be confirmed.

Russian aviation regulator Rosaviatsia commented on the crash saying the following on this:

“An investigation has been launched into the Embraer plane crash that occurred tonight in the Tver region. According to the passenger list, among them is the name and surname of Yevgeny Prigozhin”.

Reports have always been scattered in terms of such confirmation over Prigozhin, with it not being actually officially confirmed in due course.

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