Cardano Founder Says He and 50 Cent in ‘Same Club’ Now, Here’s His Message By U.Today

Cardano Founder Says He and 50 Cent in ‘Same Club’ Now, Here’s His Message

U.Today – The founder of IOG (the company that later created blockchain) and cofounder of , billionaire , has caught the attention of the Cardano community with an unusual tweet featuring musician, hip-hop singer and actor Curtis James Jackson III.

In professional circles he is known as 50 Cent. Hoskinson posted a link to 50 Cent’s song “In Da Club,” adding: “We are both in the same club.”

Hoskinson celebrates ADA’s massive jump

The Cardano community responded with a wave of approval and support for the tweet. The goal of this tweet is that Hoskinson is likely hinting at the current ADA price. Cardano’s native cryptocurrency has skyrocketed by an impressive 14.55% today and by an insane 41.16% since December started.

At the time of this writing, Cardano’s ADA is trading at $0.5184, thus entering the “50 Cent Club.”

Notably, in November, ADA also demonstrated an impressive rise, soaring by 28.4% within that month and reaching the highest price level since May this year. Data published by CryptoRank suggests that in December an may await ADA this month.

Aside from that, a wave of interest from cryptocurrency whales has hit Cardano’s coin, as over the last three months, ADA saw a massive increase in transactions, each worth more than . Santiment on-chain data company’s team believes that this signifies growth in interest from financial institutions and whales and may be considered as a sign of upcoming price surges.

Cardano founder talks about Satoshi Nakamoto

In a recently published live stream on the X social media app, and its mysterious founder Satoshi Nakamoto, which may seem surprising for Bitcoiners and BTC maxis.

Back in 2010-2011, Hoskinson stated, there was only , and all crypto enthusiasts were on more-or-less friendly terms with each other, sharing their ideas in peaceful talks. They mostly occurred on the bitcointalk forum, and a younger Hoskinson was also there.

He revealed that Bitcoin started as a completely centralized venture since Satoshi was the only one who kept 100% of BTC mining (and therefore, the network) under his control, and he could change anything he wanted.

The reason why he chose not to reveal his real name was, per Hoskinson, that he wanted to avoid the legal ambiguity of issuing a currency.

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