Creative Qinesca unveiled at DIA – a game changer

Promising to redefine the landscape with its latest solutions, the company hopes to take center stage, offering advancements in data management and patient engagement. Join us for an exclusive preview of how Qinesca is poised to win over the industry and why this unveiling is the must-see event of the conference.

Product and Service Innovations: Can you share any new products or services your company is unveiling at this year’s DIA? 

As a trusted global partner bringing together best-in-class technology and scientific expertise, Qinecsa connect life science companies, public health, regulatory sectors, and the biotech and pharma landscape, including large pharma, to the right solutions. Due to our innovative culture, providing comprehensive end-to-end drug safety management and compliance, we are always looking to expand our technology offerings. To further this commitment to innovation, Qinecsa recently acquired Insife ApS (Insife), a well-established software, technology, and consultancy firm specializing in developing revolutionary pharmacovigilance platforms. This acquisition allows us to leverage Insife’s expertise in software development and consultancy to enhance our existing pharmacovigilance services and accelerate further innovation in the field. Acquiring Insife, the expertise of their team and its additional proven pharmacovigilance platforms has enhanced the capability of Qinecsa’s already existing technology to help transform the role of pharmacovigilance, provide faster and more innovative solutions for our clients, and most importantly, continue to improve patient safety. 

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