Delta Flight From Los Angeles Struggles to Land in Oakland

A Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles struggled to land into Oakland following significant fog and has diverted to Fresno.

Delta Flight From Los Angeles Struggles to Land in Oakland…

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Delta flight DL3952 is a routine scheduled flight between Los Angeles and Oakland, with the affected rotation being operated by N279SY.

As per data from, N279SY is a 5.4 year old Embraer E175 that was delivered to SkyWest Airlines back in August 2018.

Under the Delta Connection name, the company operates the aircraft on the airline’s behalf.

Of the E175 variant, Delta Connection has 129 of them, of which 126 of them are in active service and three are currently parked, hosting an average fleet age of nine years.

DL3952 departed Los Angeles at 0833 local time this morning and proceeded in a north-westerly direction towards Oakland.

Upon reaching the destination, the aircraft entered a series of holds for quite some time, before RadarBox identified that the aircraft was diverting to Fresno instead.

DL3952 managed to land into Fresno safely, with no indication into when the aircraft will be continuing on to Oakland as a result.

This will also mean that the return flight back to Los Angeles will be disrupted.

Source: METAR TAF.

The weather reports at Oakland show that visibility is only 1/4 mile, with the ceiling being at 200 feet, meaning that the Delta flight wouldn’t have been able to land there.

All eyes will be on whether the aircraft does depart later on to it’s destination or whether passengers will be accommodated another way.

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