Getting a Loan With Bad Credit? Tips and Options With CashX

Found yourself stuck in an endless loop of loan application denials due to past credit mistakes? Default histories, bad scores below 600, and multiple recent inquiries often sink personal loan chances with major banks. Thankfully alternative lending companies like CashX now provide increased approval odds specifically for borrowers with troubled financial backgrounds.

But simply applying with a subprime focused lender isn’t the only key. You can also employ helpful tactics to boost your loan eligibility in their eyes. Let’s dig into top strategies for those deemed “high risk”:

Check and Dispute Any CRIB Report Errors

Lenders like CashX still evaluate your Credit Information Bureau (CRIB) report closely. Defaulted loans, late payments, collections or judgment entries here override almost all else. It pays to directly order your own report and audit for discrepancies. Sometimes unpaid debts get listed multiple times incorrectly. Or payments were posted late erroneously. Submitting dispute evidence to CRIB can get these fixed over time, which helps raise your score.

Pay Down or Settle Defaulted Debts

Active loan defaults severely hurt applications odds and interest rates. If possible, try contacting creditors listed on your report to arrange payment plans. Even partial payments display effort to resolve which some alternative lenders recognize. Getting any lingering defaulted accounts officially marked as “settled” on your history goes a long way too.

Provide Income Stability Evidence

Lenders view unstable income sources as high risk of non-payment. When applying highlight consistent employment histories with reputable companies. Offer recent pay stubs, tax records or bank statements showing regular deposits from verifiable businesses. Stable incomes ease doubts about repayment ability.

Add a Creditworthy Cosigner If Possible

Bringing a cosigner with stronger credit onto your application can improve the outcome tremendously. The cosigner doesn’t necessarily need to contribute money, but rather pledges responsibility if you default. Close friends/family members with excellent scores and financial histories make ideal options if you can find a trusting volunteer.

Start With Short Term Loan Options

Given a negative CRIB background, lenders feel more comfortable approving smaller amounts for shorter periods initially. These short term “payday” style loans let subprime applicants prove reliability on smaller sums. CashX offers these loans up to 180 days with amounts generally under Rs 80,000. Once repaid on time, it opens better future term loans up to 12 months duration.

Be Realistic On Interest Rate Qualifications

There’s no sugarcoating that subprime borrowers pay higher interest and finance charges, even with specialized bad credit lenders. But companies like CashX bring transparency upfront on rate tiers based on actual CRIB scores and profiles. See what tier your true report qualifies for rather than suffering repeated disappointments submitting everywhere hoping for unrealistically low rates.

Prepare Added Income Proof Documentation

In addition to pay stubs and bank records, those with troubled financial histories need to go above standard requirements proving incomes. Tax records, detailed employer letters, contractual agreements, freelancing invoices/receipts or other supplemental evidence reinforces stability claims to skeptical lenders. The more documentation the better.

Ready to Apply?

As difficult as a bad credit situation may seem when chasing fast loan approvals, alternatives like CashX offer reasonable options beyond traditional banks that instantly deny subprime cases. Employ some of the helpful tips above to optimize your next emergency loan application. And consider CashX for initial approval chances when bad credit keeps limiting urgent financing options.

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