Hilleman Laboratories unveils $20 million Singapore facility to boost vaccine manufacturing

As a result, the company claims it is now the only multi-modality vaccine and biologics development and manufacturing organisation in Singapore capable of end-to-end product development.

“The opening of the ACES facility marks a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing global public health through innovation and research,” Dr Raman Rao, CEO of Hilleman Laboratories said.

“To date, we remain the only vaccine R&D and manufacturing organisation in Singapore capable of developing both drug substance and drug product (to fill and finish).

“We believe that Hilleman Laboratories is well-poised to share our expertise in vaccine and biologics manufacturing to foster local capabilities while bolstering Singapore’s resilience against disease outbreaks, especially those with a pandemic possibility.”

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The facility at Depot Road, Singapore, is now fully operational and can produce high-value vaccines and biologics that comply with local and international regulations.

Hilleman’s latest expansion will primarily focus on supplying clinical trial materials for development of up to the phase 2 stage.

According to Hilleman, single-use systems allow the facility’s manufacturing model to remain platform-agnostic and product-independent.

Hilleman has also invested in vaccine platforms such as mRNA and viral vectors to develop and manufacture vaccines.

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The facility has the built-in capability to produce vaccines and biologics for Singapore’s use during future pandemics and public health emergencies, the company said.

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