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© Reuters Legendary Trader Raoul Pal Makes Rare Ethereum vs. Solana Comparison

U.Today – Legendary crypto trader and investor Raoul Pal has waded into the supremacy debate between the two prominent proof-of-stake (PoS) Layer-1 networks (ETH) and (SOL). to Pal, the use of Solana comes with a whole different feel that makes it a top contender as a relatively more user-friendly option.

He said once someone starts using Solana, it “feels super fast, slick, inviting and easy for the user.” The accolade on Solana underscores the general perception most industry leaders have of the top coin, especially as it has been able to in its price action post-FTX implosion.

Raoul Pal is known for his commentary in the industry with a basis rooted deep in on-chain analytics; however, choosing to comment on the combat between Ethereum and Solana on pure fundamentals is considered a rare move.

In his analysis, Pal compares Ethereum to the Apple (NASDAQ:) of the blockchain world while he considers Ethereum to be the Android. The connotations are clear as Solana wins the fight for performance based on its speed, while Ethereum’s massive hoard of hosted decentralized applications (dApps) makes its Android comparison a well-suited description.

Solana and Ethereum have thriving ecosystems

Almost everything Ethereum can do, Solana can do as well. It appears that Raoul Pal has broad use of some of Solana’s applications, as he attested to the ingenious designs of Phantom Wallet, the most popular unhosted Solana wallet. This he confirmed when an X user asked to know what his feedback is for Phantom Wallet and in his response, he said:

Solana has impressed its holders in a remarkable way, with Raoul Pal he has been bullish all year. The coin earlier this month as it wiggles away from the impacts of the continuous sell-off from FTX, the bankrupt exchange that sought ways to free up funds to pay its investors and creditors.

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