Mom Comes Up With Magic Remedy For Anxious Dog That Shakes And Trembles

Myko, a lovable dog who struggles with anxiety, was a ball of nerves until his mom discovered a magic remedy. Like many pets, Myko has his own unique way of coping with stress, and for him, it’s his favorite blue blanket. This cozy item has become an essential part of his life, providing comfort and security in times of need. Myko’s family has gone above and beyond to ensure their fur-kid has the best life possible. They even created a special room under the stairs to help him feel safe and calm.


Myko’s blue blanket has become a staple in his daily routine, accompanying him on walks and during meal times. The blanket’s presence seems to have a soothing effect on the anxious pup, allowing him to relax and enjoy his surroundings. Recognizing the importance of this security item, Myko’s family has made sure to incorporate it into various aspects of his life.


In addition to the blue blanket, Myko’s mom and dad have also found that visits to his grandparents’ house help alleviate his anxiety. The change of scenery and the loving environment provided by his grandparents seem to have a positive impact on Myko’s overall well-being.

However, Myko’s anxiety can still be challenging, particularly during stressful days filled with loud noises. One year, fireworks caused such discomfort for Myko that his dad had to hold him for hours as he shook and cried. After witnessing Myko’s distress, his family decided to take action and create a dedicated space for him to retreat to when feeling overwhelmed.


They built Myko his “boomie roomie” — a cozy, soundproofed space under the stairs, complete with twinkling lights, soft bedding, and of course, Myko’s beloved blue blanket. This special room has become a sanctuary for Myko, allowing him to escape from any stressors and find solace in his own private haven.

Since the creation of the boomie roomie, Myko’s family has noticed a significant improvement in his ability to cope with anxiety. The once nervous pup now appears calmer and happier, much to the delight of his loving family.

As pet parents, it’s essential to recognize and address the unique needs of our furry companions. Myko’s family has gone the extra mile to ensure their beloved dog has the support and comfort he needs to live his best life. Their efforts have undoubtedly made a world of difference for this sweet pup.

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