Most Indian companies using tech for recruitment: Foundit

Technology is playing an increasingly vital role in recruitment, with 56% of companies adopting a geocentric approach to hiring by leveraging technology to source and recruit candidates, a foundit (formerly Monster APAC & ME) survey on India’s changing recruitment landscape showed.

The survey also unveiled a positive trajectory for diversity and inclusion in the recruitment space in India, with 71.5% of organisations prioritising diversity hiring. While gender diversity takes precedence, with 78% of organisations setting goals, there is a need for improvement in racial diversity (17%), LGBTQIA+ representation (12%), and disability inclusion (10%).

In terms of recruitment methods, the survey indicated that third-party recruitment is the dominant method in India, constituting 49% of all hiring. In comparison, direct recruitment stands at 39%, and indirect methods like advertising make up 6%.

“While challenges remain, the survey also reveals a positive trend towards technology adoption, with organisations increasingly relying on technology to recruit top talent, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this innovation,” said Sekhar Garisa, CEO of foundit, in a statement.

In 2023, recruiters are tackling various challenges, with the key one being finding the right candidate, according to 52.3% of recruiters surveyed by foundit. This underscores the current difficulty in finding highly qualified individuals for job positions. Additionally, 40.23% of recruiters are facing the challenge of managing competing job offers, indicating that the job market is highly competitive.

Another concern for 33.33% of recruiters is finding cost-effective ways to recruit, underlining the importance of using resources efficiently. While candidate engagement is not currently seen as a big challenge, there is an expected shift in focus for 2024, with concerns like insufficient workforce, hiring timelines and the cost of hiring at the forefront.On sourcing candidates, 43.41% of recruiters find it challenging to handle various sourcing platforms, emphasising the complexity of managing diverse channels. Similarly, an equivalent percentage faces issues with irrelevant search results and in identifying candidates actively seeking employment, underscoring the need for a more efficient process.Additionally, 42.31% struggle with the impact of competing offers, reflecting the intensely competitive job market. Whereas 28.02% of recruiters feel capturing candidate interest is a challenge, and 21.98% feel candidate engagement is another challenge.

The research aimed to understand senior recruiters’ perspectives on hiring practices and challenges in India. The sample included more than 400 senior recruiters globally, with approximately 300 from India representing businesses of different sizes and industries.

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