Pit Bull Escapes ‘Miserable Life’, Man Held Her And Said To Wife, “This Is My Puppy”

One woman found a pit bull sitting all by herself next to a railroad track. It had been raining and the dog’s coat was covered in mud. It had a collar on that looked like a choke collar and a chain tied around its neck. The woman approached the dog but as soon as she got close, it ran away from her.

The woman continued to try and get close to the frightened dog that may have been neglected or abandoned. The dog was patently fearful from being starved from neglect, shaking from the cold, and have been waiting for a long time outside. The woman recounts finally getting a hold of her friends to help save the dog who had no signs of coming near her.

Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo – YouTube Video

The women who tried to free the dog obviously didn’t give up. The pup was nearly hysterical and it took four hours until one veteran rescuer could calmly get a leash around the dog. With the panicked animal, everything got messy and she no longer had a way out. There was no other choice but for her to lay peacefully.

Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo – YouTube Video


The pup was so traumatized and the rescuer sat down with her and was hoping to calm her before touching her. She didn’t want the frightened dog to lash out. The Pit Bull began to notice that these women were not going to hurt her and she finally let her body relax. They decided to name this girl Pittie Cardi (after Cardi B).


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo – YouTube Video


After Cardi was rescued by the rescuers, she allowed a kind man to hold her. She really began to understand that her entire life was about to change!


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo – YouTube Video


Cardi met her foster parents and that first night, her foster dad decided to sleep on the floor with her. She was scared and uncertain and he could sense that fear. He laid with her for six whole hours and the next morning he told his wife, “This is my puppy.”

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