PlayStation Plus December Free Games Include Lego 2K Drive, Powerwash Simulator and Sable

December is at the door, which means so are the free PlayStation Plus monthly games. The PS Plus free games for the final month of the year have been announced. Starting Tuesday, December 5, PS Plus member will get access to open-world Lego driving adventure Lego 2K Drive, clean ‘em up sim Powerwash Simulator and indie exploration title Sable. All three titles will be available to PS Plus subscribers across Essential, Extra, and Deluxe/ Premium plans. The free games can be added to PS4 and PS5 game libraries until Monday, January 1. You’d of course have to keep your PS Plus subscription to continue playing the titles.

PlayStation revealed its December lineup of free games on its blog Wednesday. It also sent out a reminder to PS Plus members to add the free titles from November to their game libraries. This month’s PS Plus offerings, announced November 1, include Mafia II: Definitive Edition, Dragon Ball: The Breakers and Aliens Fireteam Elite — players have until December 4 to add these games to their library.

Lego 2K Drive | PS4, PS5

Released earlier this year in May, Lego 2K Drive is a Lego-based racing game set in the BrickLandia open world. As a Lego game, everything in it is made of, well, Legos. And as common in Lego games, all in-game structures are destructible. The map features distinct explorable sections, each offering plenty of races. The game features an expansive story mode, in addition to a host of mini-games and challenges. Obviously, all cars are customisable and new cars can be built from the 1,000 unique Lego pieces available in the game.

Just like Ubisoft’s The Crew, race vehicles transform depending upon the terrain — your car can quickly change into a boat as the track transitions into a water body. Lego 2K Drive is meant to be played with friends and offers both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, two-player split-screen, and six-player online play.

Powerwash Simulator | PS4, PS5

First released on PC and Xbox consoles last year, developer FuturLab’s cleaning sim Powerwash Simulator made its way to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation early this year. Now, the popular clean ‘em up is heading to PS Plus. Powerwash Simulator essentially plays out as a first-person shooter, but your trusted power washer and its array of nozzles are your only arms and dirt is your only enemy.

The game lets you take control of a power washing business as you go around and clean people’s houses, yards, and mansions. The jobs escalate in trickiness, and you could soon find yourself cleaning an entire park. Powerwash Simulator rewards patience and watching the grime wash away over time is where the magic of the sim lies. Over time, you also get to upgrade your gear and buy fancy cleaning equipment — the perfect holiday season gift for clean freaks. Exciting, isn’t it?

Sable | PS5

Made by a two-person indie development team Shedworks, Sable is an open world exploration game with a distinct art style. First released on PC and Xbox consoles in 2021, Sable debuted on the PS5 last year, leading players on a loosely structured journey through its world. There’s a barebones story, but the game is mostly experienced through its environment and NPCs.

There is no combat, as well, with the focus firmly on puzzle-solving, exploration, and traversal. Players can explore the world on a hoverbike and find clues to an ancient civilisation. Exploration and quests also grant rewards that can help customise and upgrade the hoverbike.

Earlier this month, PlayStation also announced the lineup of games coming to its Game Catalog, available to PS Plus Extra and Deluxe/ Premium tier subscribers. Fantasy-RPG Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen led the pack of new titles, which also include Teardown, Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition, Superliminal and more. Teardown arrived as a launch title to the subscription service, releasing November 15 on consoles.

PlayStation Plus subscription in India starts at Rs. 499 per month for the Essential tier, Rs. 749 per month for the Extra plan, and Rs. 849 per month for the top-tier Deluxe plan. A yearly subscription costs Rs. 3,949, Rs. 6,699, and Rs. 7,599 for each tier, respectively.

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