Resident Evil 4 Remake Now Available on iPhone 15 Pro, iPad and Mac at a 50 Percent Discount

Resident Evil 4, the acclaimed 2023 remake of the survival horror classic from 2005, is now available on the iPhone 15 Pro and select iPad and Mac models. The game released on compatible Apple devices on Wednesday. While RE4 is listed for free on Apple’s App Store, accessing the full title would require in-app purchases. RE4 remake originally release for PC and consoles on March 24 and received critical acclaim for the visual and mechanical improvements it brought to 2005’s Resident Evil 4. The remake also earned three nominations at this year’s The Game Awards, including the top prize for Game of the Year.

Publisher Capcom showed off Resident Evil 4 remake for Apple devices at the iPhone 15 series launch event in September. The graphics-intensive title, meant to be played originally on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X, will run on the iPhone thanks to Apple’s new A17 Pro GPU present on the latest iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. RE4 remake can also be played on iPad Pro and iPad Air models running on M1 and M2 chips, and on Mac models with M1, M2 or M3 chips onboard.

The App Store listing for Resident Evil 4 went live back in September, with the pricing for the game set at a hefty Rs. 3,599. A small part of the base game can be played for free, but the full game would require an in-app purchase. The main game, however, is available on the App Store right now with a 50 percent discount, which brings the price for the base game (with bonus) down to Rs. 1,799. The discount ends January 17 and all purchases made before the date will include bonus attache cases and charms. The Separate Ways DLC and the Extra DLC Pack for the title are priced at Rs. 589 and Rs. 859, respectively.

Playing the game without a compatible controller would clutter the touchscreen on iPhone and iPad with on-screen touch control buttons. Apple, too, recommends playing the game with a controller. It’s also worth noting that RE4 save data cannot be uploaded and downloaded between MacOS and iOS devices. The game requires iOS 17.0 or later on iPhone 15 Pro models, iPadOS 17.0 on compatible iPad models, and macOS 13.0 or later on compatible Macs.

Resident Evil 4 on the iPhone 15 Pro
Photo Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil 4 puts you in the shoes of federal agent Leon S. Kennedy, assigned to rescue the president’s daughter. He tracks her down to a remote village in rural Spain, but finds a dangerous cult with horrific secrets and a legion of followers standing in his way. RE4, primarily a survival horror title, features third-person shooting with an “over-the-shoulder” perspective — a common gameplay trope in action titles first pioneered in the original Resident Evil 4.

In addition to the RE4 remake, Capcom also released Resident Evil Village, 2021’s first-person survival horror title, on iPhone 15 Pro phones and the M1-and-above-equipped iPads on October 30.

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