Schiphol Airport sees surge in passenger and flight numbers in November

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has again witnessed an impressive surge in passenger numbers in November 2023.

In this article, we highlighting the substantial growth and uncover the key factors contributing to Schiphol’s continued success.

November: A Statistical Overview

In November 2023, a staggering 4.7 million passengers traversed through Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS).

This marks a remarkable 19% increase compared to the same month in 2022 and an even more impressive 53% surge when contrasted with 2021.

Let’s explore the specifics that make these numbers truly standout.

Unraveling the Passenger Puzzle

Passenger Breakdown

Of the 4.7 million passengers, nearly 3 million either departed from or arrived at Schiphol, while approximately 1.8 million used the airport as a transit point.

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Notably, the count includes around 900,000 transfer passengers, adhering to the international counting method, considering them both as arriving and departing individuals.

Passengers at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.
Franklin Heijnen, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Destination Dynamics

A substantial 3.3 million passengers engaged in travel to or from European destinations, showcasing a robust 23% surge compared to 2022.

Additionally, 1.4 million passengers explored intercontinental destinations outside Europe, reflecting a commendable 10% increase.

The United Kingdom emerged as the frontrunner, attracting 252,000 local departing passengers, followed by Spain with 178,000 passengers, and the United States with 85,000 passengers.

Photo sourced from Curbed.

Schiphol Airport Rise in Flights

In November 2023, the skies above Schiphol saw a total of 35,345 flights, marking a significant 16% increase from the previous year.

Breaking down the numbers, 28,627 flights were destined for European locations, while 6,718 took passengers to intercontinental destinations.

Cargo Challenges and Triumphs

While passenger numbers soared, all-cargo flights experienced a 16% decrease compared to November 2022.

There were 1,270 cargo flights, transporting a total volume of 115,817 tonnes. This, however, reflects a minor dip of 3% compared to the cargo volumes in 2022.

This is in keeping with the experiences of the global cargo sector, which has seen a year of softer demand on the back of world socio-economic factors.

Please click here for the complete overview of traffic and transport figures for November 2023.

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