Staffy Is A Roly-Poly Laze Of A Dog, Just Ask His Sister

Lexi and Matt are the proud parents of two lovable Pit Bulls, TukTuk and Lulu, who couldn’t be more different from one another. Lulu is raring to go the moment they wake up, full of energy, while TukTuk remains fast asleep, snoring away. In fact, TukTuk is such a slow starter that his mom and dad have to physically lift him up and coax him to start his day.


Lulu is a bundle of energy, always ready to run and play. Her speed and agility allow her to run circles around her humans and her canine brother. TukTuk, on the other hand, is more of a wrestler than a runner. He doesn’t change direction very well and has only two speeds: really slow or being pulled downhill by gravity. Despite his slower pace, TukTuk tries his best to keep up with Lulu, who is constantly buzzing around him.


Their personalities are like night and day. TukTuk is like a lazy teenage boy who just wants to chill out and eat snacks on the couch, while Lulu is like the younger, talkative sister who never leaves him alone and always has a story to tell. But despite their differences, both dogs are incredibly sweet and affectionate, loving their humans and each other with all their hearts.

About five years ago, Lexi opened a gym with the intention of creating a dog-friendly environment for people who wanted to work out without leaving their furry friends behind. TukTuk and Lulu can be themselves at the gym, and their presence helps break down barriers for other gym-goers who might have been hesitant to exercise due to concerns about leaving their pets at home.


By allowing people to bring their kids and dogs to the gym, Lexi has created an environment that encourages more people to work out and stay healthy. And for Lexi and Matt, having two dogs is better than having one, as they see TukTuk and Lulu interact and make each other happy every day.

TukTuk and Lulu are two adorable, polar opposite Pit Bulls who have found their perfect home with Lexi and Matt. They may have different personalities, but they both adore their humans unconditionally. Together, they make Lexi and Matt’s world a much better place. To see this duo in action, scroll down to the video below.

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