Terrified Baby Fawn Starts Drowning But A Brave Hero Dog Decides To Jump Into Lake

In a heartwarming tale from Virginia, a six-year-old Goldendoodle named Harley emerged as an unlikely hero. Owned by Ralph Dorn, Harley’s remarkable act of bravery caught global attention when he spontaneously dived into a lake to save a life. Ralph witnessed Harley swimming about 200 feet offshore, escorting an unfamiliar creature. On closer inspection, Ralph discovered that Harley was in the midst of a daring rescue operation, not merely enjoying a swim.

Harley, known for his intelligence and intuition, astonished Ralph by leaping into action to save a young fawn that was struggling in the water. Ralph recounts Harley’s immediate response upon noticing the distressed fawn, emphasizing his canine’s instinctual drive to assist.

Image/Story Source Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube Video


The rescue was challenging, as the fawn, only days old, lacked the coordination to reach the shore on its own. Harley expertly guided the fawn to safety, persistently herding it towards the shore whenever it strayed.

After reaching land, Harley tenderly cared for the fawn, licking it and ensuring its wellbeing. The reunion of the fawn with its mother, who appeared on the lawn shortly after, was facilitated by Ralph and Harley’s respectful withdrawal to allow the family to reconnect peacefully.


Image/Story Source Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube Video


The following day, Harley’s bond with the fawn was further highlighted. While Ralph and his wife Patricia were enjoying their morning coffee, Harley eagerly signaled his desire to go outside. Once outside, Harley joyously reunited with the same fawn he had rescued, sharing affectionate moments before returning home contentedly.


Image/Story Source Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube Video


Harley’s altruistic nature isn’t new. Prior to this incident, he served as a certified therapy dog, aiding the elderly and children in his community. This incident is a testament to Harley’s innate goodness and his unwavering readiness to help those in need.


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