Unlock Global Reach With Microsoft Video Advertising And Netflix

Microsoft Advertising aims to lead the transformation of video marketing through partnerships with Netflix and top streaming platforms.

In 2023, the emergence of Connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) platforms is redefining the advertising landscape.

During a recent webcast, Microsoft highlighted the significance of its unique tech stack, which provides advertisers with the flexibility to craft campaigns that align with their business needs.

Partnering With The Top Streaming Platform For Video Ads

Microsoft emphasized its commitment to driving innovation through partnerships with leading streaming platforms, particularly with an exclusive agreement with Netflix to power its ad-supported subscription tier.

This partnership expands Microsoft’s advertising reach, providing clients access to a highly engaged global audience. It comes at a time when the majority of US consumers will stream on one or more platforms like Netflix and Roku.

The webcast also shared insights into overcoming the complexities of video ad buying in a fragmented market.

Microsoft’s solution integrates unique data signals, collaboration with streaming services, and tailored video buying workflows to navigate these challenges efficiently.

Advertisers can benefit from a unified platform that offers consolidated deal buying and cross-channel measurement solutions, ensuring campaign success.

Scalable Advertising Solutions

Microsoft Advertising’s role in this rapidly evolving market is pivotal, offering over 860 CTV publishers, 100B weekly video impressions, and 1,200 always-on video deals.

The enterprise-level DSP, Microsoft Invest (powered by Xandr), further allows for intricate media buying strategies across various channels and formats, emphasizing the company’s versatile approach.

Advertisers have the opportunity to increase reach, enhance return on investment (ROI), and automate campaigns at scale with Microsoft’s robust suite of advertising solutions.

This comprehensive marketplace delivers scale, premium placements, and customizability that promise to revolutionize video and CTV advertising.

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