What to Do Immediately After a Personal Injury in Thousand Oaks?

Numerous types of personal injury accidents happen every day, from motor vehicle accidents to slip and falls. Each one has the potential to leave you with painful injuries that can have a major impact on your life.

You shouldn’t be left drowning in debt thanks to someone else’s negligent actions. If you’ve been hurt by a careless person’s behavior, what you do in the immediate aftermath can make or break your personal injury claim.


Do Not Delay Medical Treatment

The first thing you should do in the moments following your personal injury accident is get prompt medical care. Often, injured victims wave off medical attention because they don’t think they’re hurt. In the hours and days that follow, hidden injuries may become apparent, and they may leave permanent damage behind due to a lack of treatment. 

You must get treated by medical professionals as soon as humanly possible. These treatments will create a medical record that proves your injuries occurred, the severity of the injuries, and your expected road to recovery.


Make a Report

For a car accident, you want to call the police — though that may seem like an extreme move if you slip and fall at the supermarket. In situations like these, you’d want to make a report with the owner or manager. Get a copy of this written document, which will make for compelling evidence in a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim.


Gather Evidence of the Accident

While it may not be possible if you have sustained life-threatening injuries, those who can gather evidence on the scene should do so quickly. Photos, videos, and witness accounts can all fill in the blanks of what happened to you while proving the other party was at fault for your injuries.

Don’t worry if you were taken away in an ambulance and didn’t get any evidence. When you hire an attorney, they can initiate their own investigation and gather the necessary elements on your behalf.


Stay Offline

Every attorney will tell you that the best thing you can do is stay quiet about what happened until your case is settled or a trial has ended. Oversharing information makes it easy for the defendant’s attorney to find things they can use against you. It’s a costly mistake you’ll want to avoid.


While you’re still in the hospital recovering from your injuries, contact a personal injury lawyer in Thousand Oaks. Taking this step ensures that you have someone looking out for your legal rights and best interests.


It’s difficult to handle all of this paperwork, spend time on the phone with the insurance company, and try to move forward after what happened when you are in pain. With legal representation, you won’t need to worry about missing important deadlines, negotiating for a fair settlement, or managing any of the other headaches that come with making a personal injury claim. 

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