Yseop’s impactful Generative AI capabilities helping accelerate drugs to market

At the same time, the company has announced the closing of a strategic investment round with new investor Novartis (dRx Capital) joining existing investors Eli Lilly, Next Stage AM and Wille Finance.

Included in the trials, Yseop says, are many of the most notable advancements in new treatments, vaccines and medicines that have emerged recently.

By automating parts of the clinical document landscape, like the clinical study report (CSR), patient narrative, and summary clinical safety (SCS), Yseop is one of the first GenAI applications in production today for medical and regulatory writing.

This year (2023) alone, Yseop says it generated more than 10,000 reports and eliminated tens of thousands of hours of writing and review time. The company believes these represent potential savings that could support a ‘dramatic acceleration’ for new drug introductions to the market and reinforce Yseop’s commitment to bringing life-saving drugs to patients faster.

Yseop and its Generative AI capabilities have already proven value within pharma, actively deployed across multiple therapeutic areas, including vaccines, immunology, diabetes, oncology, neurology, and Rx (medical prescription). Yseop has been adopted by hundreds of medical writers across the globe.

Now, with this most recent investment, Yseop will execute its roadmap to automate the entire document process across pharma, from preclinical trials, all the way through FDA approval. Its enterprise software platform, Yseop Copilot, leverages pre-trained LLM models built for the BioPharma industry. Yseop says the multimodal platform is a ‘massive leap forward’ for pharmaceutical companies looking to address their content automation challenges.

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